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We are a nonpartisan, non-profit organization that empowers young Americans to learn and to lead.

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At Free the Facts, our bias is generational, not political.

Our work is guided by a bipartisan group of experts, advisors, and staff members who are dedicated to preparing the next generation for the public policy challenges they will face as leaders and voters.

Our Process

We don't tell you what to think,
we just make sure you can.

Problems Aren't Partisan

Free the Facts is unique in its educational approach:

  • We rely on experts from both sides of the political aisle to develop, test, and verify our educational content. 

  • We inform and facilitate the conversation; we don't advocate for a specific policy solution or political perspective. 

  • Our bias is generational, not political. We are interested in the policies, programs, and problems that young Americans will confront during their lives.

Everyone involved in our educational mission shares the same goal: to ensure that you leave this site informed, empowered, able to form your own opinions, and prepared to engage in the debate over public policy as leaders and voters.


To ensure our materials are accurate and impartial, we subject them to a rigorous vetting process. Four times a year, our Policy Advisory Board Co-Chairs Lanhee Chen and Matt Spence convene a meeting of six representatives from our group of policy advisors (three left-leaning; three right-leaning). This six-person subcommittee reviews, revises, and approves the educational materials that serve as the basis for this site. Before our organization presents or publishes educational content, the subcommittee must unanimously agree that the information is a fair and accurate representation of the policy or program, its history, its challenges, and the details of current policy proposals.

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We also work with a team of independent researchers to regularly test our educational curriculum. Through audience surveys and focus groups, these researchers provide us with feedback that ensure our resources are effective and meet the informational needs of students from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view. What do student focus group participants have to say?

"I learned so much, and I didn't feel like I was being pushed toward any side at all. I was just learning. It was great."

"It seemed pretty clear that [Free the Facts was] just trying to tell us facts; they weren't trying to push an agenda."


This information doesn't just sit on our website. We regularly update the policy content presented here to account for feedback from the Policy Advisory Board and independent researchers, new reports and current events, and policy proposals and developments. These updates make this site a timely resource, so you can trust that you are getting the latest information.


See what our student leaders have to say!

Free the Facts has prepared me for future jobs and future internships by giving me leadership experiences and room for professional growth.”

Alexandra Singer
Ambassador, Intern & Scholar
Brigham Young University at Provo


"After attending the Social Security presentation during the fall of my freshman year, I knew I wanted to get involved with Free the Facts. In a time when the country seemed so divided, Free the Facts was providing unbiased, reliable information. Fast forward a year and a half later, Free the Facts has afforded me opportunities I did not know were possible."

Shane Rose
Ambassador & Fellow
Georgetown University


"The Free the Facts team deeply cares about the success of their Ambassadors, which is why they frequently host professional development programming and traditional policy events. Without them, I would never have had the opportunity to engage in productive conversations about the current state of public affairs with students, staff, and experts from across the country.”

Alice Kahkajian
Ambassador & Intern
American University